Taxes are nothing but a fee levied on individual and business houses enforced by government to finance the government activities such as public works, services, and to develop the government infrastructure. A certain percentage of income and earnings are derived by government, for this purpose certain rates are fixed for different income slabs for individuals and different for corporate houses. This makes tax Filing very complicated task for many people. Government keep changing various tax related rules and make the taxpayers unaware of various minor changes. As a result, average taxpayers make some mistakes, sometimes pay extra money or sometimes underpays their taxes. Therefore, tax consultancy is a service which provides proper guidance for tax payers. Tax consultant knows the tax rules and help the taxpayers to minimize the obligations. Moreover, tax consultants on the behalf of their customers file the income tax returns and also provide other necessary documents.

We Secure Wealth provide expertise consultation with one of the best Chartered accountants in tri-city namely CA Rinku Goyal & CA Amar Bansal both having rich seven years of experience and they are assisting our clients with complex financial and taxation rules and procedures. Our customers are employees of government sector, public sector, private sector, business man and corporate such as self-employed, proprietor etc.


Preparation of Income Tax Returns and Computation.
Evaluation of client’s finances and income sources to calculate tax liabilities.
Assisting client’s during investments and savings for getting tax benefits.

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