Any insurance that does not fall within the ambit of a life insurance, comes to be termed as a general insurance. One can avail a general insurance for automobiles, marine, fire etc. The need for a general insurance arise because any tangible asset that is used for production or manufacture is susceptible to loss and damage in more than one way. Hence, there is a need to protect its economic value, so that funds can be arranged to replace the asset, should any mis deed occur with it. General insurance covers the risk of any contingent loss that might occur with an asset.
At Secure wealth, we encourage people to seek advice with our insurance expert and recommendation, before opting for any insurance. Our main aim behind asking this is to save our clients from falling for any fake or unreliable insurance plans, which may make them suffer later. We always suggest that you make some effort today to ensure that your insurance plan is reliable, instead of cribbing tomorrow over a useless scheme that simply dupes you of your money. Consult our insurance advisor today for more!